Windy December by Kay Wyne

Windy December
8" x 10" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
En Plein Air
Yesterday was a beautiful December Monday at White Rock Lake.  I was with the Tutti group painting.  I started this 8" x 10" with two brushes, a filbert and a flat.  My vision for this painting was to nail down the colors of this beautiful fall day.  There were so many natural golds and greens and oranges in the landscape, but soon my attention went from the colors to the WIND.  It was so windy, which forced me to work quickly.  I know that the wind contributed some flecks of texture (dirt and bugs).  I pulled out my trusty #24 palette knife and started scraping and moving the paint around, making the hard edges go away and blending the oils.  Here is my finished painting, Windy December.
In this photo you can see my set-up at the lake.  My guerrilla box stood up against the wind that was whipping around us.  I used a limited palette - six colors and white - which makes it so much easier to paint quickly.  Thanks for viewing.  I start the large commission today, so my time will be focused on that project for the upcoming weeks.  Kay at kay@kwyne.com.

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