Back After Nearly 2 Years

It seems somewhat shocking to me that as a Professional Photographer, I've neglected posting any photos.  It's not that I've photographically been inactive, because I haven't.  Probably my absence can be attributed to getting out of the habit.  And a good habit is easy to break, and bad habits are easily engrained especially when it comes to setting aside time to do something productive (like posting new narrative and graphics).

Well, I'm back and anxious to start posting again, so this will be the first post of an ambitious project of posting a least one item on each of the coming 30 days.  Seems somewhat daunting at this time, but hopefully, getting back into a good habit shouldn't be that hard.  And I love to share my photography with anyone who's interested.  So here goes.......Post Number One.

For nearly a decade, I've had the privilege of visiting and photographing the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly in Monteagle TN.  Nestled in the Smokie Mountains, this locale holds a wealth of photo opportunities such as this small lake I came across last Fall.  On a quiet, warm September afternoon, the lake's surface had calmed to a mirror image, a photo-op that wasn't to be missed.

And while I'm being "reflective", here's another tranquil shot taken back home in Texas. Located in the heart of the bustling Dallas Metroplex, this walkway stretches across a portion of White Rock lake. On this particular morning, when shrouded in fog, the bridge almost takes on the appearance of an outtake from a vintage Alfred Hitchcock thriller.


Bad Day At The Lipstick Counter

Bad Day At The Lipstick Counter
Collaboration by Sharon Hodges and Kay Wyne
36" x 36" Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This canvas has been through a lot.  It started out with ink, acrylic and paper on canvas.  It was Kay's canvas for a couple of years, then Sharon picked it out of the "Bad Art Party" pile and worked on it.  I had given up on this canvas...but Sharon saw something interesting.  It is full of color, texture and interesting layers of shapes and lines-and very abstract.

The original plan was to paint an elephant.  The elephant turned into a large blooming iris that was very abstract.  Now there is a face with the rather large lips, jewelry, hands and different shapes painted on the textured surface.  So after the charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, paper, oil, crayon, oil sticks this collaborative painting is completed.  You can see many things in the drawings.  It's quite amusing and fun to view.  It is drying in the studio.  It will be available for sale once the sides are painted and dry.  No frame needed.  Thanks for looking at this blog...Kay Wyne




20" x 20" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
By Robin Moss Norcross


Timeless by Kay Wyne

60" x 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
I love painting on large canvases.